Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My loves

I love my family more than words can say. I am so blessed!

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The Bryant's said...

Becoming a parent is very difficult because you loose yourself. I know this and I often wonder what will I do when they go off to college? What will I have to talk about? Juliann will be in
8th grade and Gracie will be starting middle school. They have grown up so fast. Girls can be mean to each other and Juliann is experiencing now what I did in high school everything is faster than when I was in school. Sex education starts in 5th grade so this week Grace is having Family Life class (IT IS CRAZY). I can imagine Norman and I sitting alone eating dinner and not saying a word because since we have had the girls we have kind of lost what we use to be as well. Our lives revolve around them. We have never left them with anyone and went out of town over night. The only thing we have done is go out to eat dinner and maybe a movie for our anniversary but we usually take the girls with us and I know this sounds crazy. But we have always had the attitude if we can't take them with us then we don't need to go. So I am glad you and Zach do leave the girls over night and go out of town but we just can't do it. Juliann is 13, Grace was 11 Easter Sunday. They are surely old enough but we just can't cut the apron strings. Make sure you don't loose yourself or what you and Zach were before the girls. I use to have to stay up at night to get me time so keep doing it if that is what you have to do to get it!!!

We Love You Guys,