Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 2 Years Ellie!

Ellie turned 2 years old yesterday! It's hard to believe that it has been 2 years since she's entered our lives, it happens way too fast! Although my life is crazy right now and most of the craziness is because of this little girl, she truly brings me so much joy! I love hearing her talk, sing, smile, learn new things, and love on her friends and family (especially her sister).

When I look back at when Ellie was a baby, I can't believe how much she has grown. She hasn't changed a whole lot, I can see so many actions and behaviors she does now in the videos of her as an infant. Some of these include her expressions, how excited she gets over simple things (screaming and kicking and giggling), and how much she loves people (she really doesn't know a stranger, although she will act shy). The other day we were driving in the car with the windows down, she absolutely LOVES this. She started laughing, screaming, and kicking her legs and I couldn't help but share the joy with her. It reminded me so much of the times when she was little (we played peek-a-boo, make silly faces, play games in the car, etc.). Those don't happen nearly as much anymore, she is in her defiant stage with a lot of not fun emotions.

Today we went in for her two year check up. She seems to enjoy going to the doctor, meeting friends in the waiting room, and playing with the trains. She hates getting measured, checked out, and definitely the shots. We had a great doctor this time and she was fabulous while he checked her out (until we got to the mouth, she did not want to open her mouth). When shot time came, I was prepared! I got a lollipop beforehand to give to her right after her shot. She cried for a minute, but then the lollipop did the trick. She looked very healthy and no concerns for her development. She weighed in at 24 lbs (15%), measured 34 in tall (50%), and had a head circumference of 48.5cm (75%).

Other facts about Ellie:
-can say well over 50 words, I'm thinking around 100. We're working on trying to say words with 3 syllables (like disobey, tricycle, forgiveness, etc.) However she can say names with three syllables: Addison and Madison
-put three words together (she loves saying happy birthday Ellie)
-sings Twinkle, Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat, Good Morning song, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Lollipop song (due to this awesome card this weekend), Farmer in the Dell, Old McDonald, Ring Around the Rosy. She doesn't get all the words, but does sing along and do motions. Her favorite by far is Farmer in the Dell, then next Good Morning song.
-play pretend with her dolls, cell phone, barn
-counts, but not quite right. Right now this is how she counts: 1, 2, 8, 9, 10. She first started counting and left out 3, 4. Then she started leaving out 5,6. Now she leaves out 3-7... she'll get it someday.
-knows her shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, circle, heart, star, diamond, pentagon
-still working on colors. She goes through phases. First everything was purple, then blue, then pink, then black (that only lasted a day), and now red. Sometimes she'll get the colors right, or I'll ask her to hand me an object of a certain color and she does it right. I think she still doesn't quite get it.
-still working on the abcs. She just seems to hate letters for some reason, she never is interested. I got somewhat "jealous" if you would say when I saw a few kids younger than her saying all of alphabet. So after that I tried to work really hard with the letters, but she never cared. I gave up after a few days and said oh well, she'll learn it eventually! No rush now...
-loves to play hide and seek (sometimes I feel like she mostly enjoys counting for the game??), she also likes books where she "finds" the objects
-loves to put wooden puzzles together, she also loves to read goodnight books and animal books
-definitely an outside girl. I'm so glad the weather is finally warm enough to be outside (sometimes too warm). She loves just going outside. I can just open our back door and she'll just stay on our back porch doing her own thing for hours (really). She'll ride her tricycle (a neighbor gave us), change her baby or teddy, clean the chairs and table, pick grass, sit in her chairs, or just walk around. I do some activities with her that surprisingly keep her attention for at least 20 minutes. She loves to play with play-dough, paint with water, draw with chalk and color. I'm gonna get out her easel and try real paint with her soon. I think she'll love it, just not sure if I'm ready for the mess.
-loves shoes. My shoes, her shoes, Ainsley's shoes. She definitely has her favorites, but she is a shoe girl. Doesn't care much about clothes, but wants specific shoes. Her favorite pair by far is her pink crocs (too bad they no longer make those because they were perfect!). I bought some sandals at target that were awfully cute that seemed to come in 2nd, but then my mom got her these purple gellie sandals from Gap and she is obsessed with those (we have to exchange them though because they are way too tight, she is not happy she can't wear them again).
-loves her sister. She was asked in the store the other day if they could take Ainsley home. Ellie immediately replied no. They asked, "You want to keep her?" Ellie, "Da." (english= yea). I asked her, "Do you love your little sister?" Ellie replied, "Da." She loves her very much and I definitely can tell. She loves to help her, will bring her toys, wipe her face, or bring the paci. Ellie is also very concerned when she cries (she'll run to where she is and say it's ok Annie, no crying, it's ok). If Ainsley is laying down on the bed or the couch, Ellie usually comes and lays next to her. Sometimes she'll read a book, other times she'll give her a kiss, and the rest she'll just lay there. I can't wait until Ainsley can show the love back :)
-loves the bath or shower. I can stick her in the bath and she would stay in there for a whole hour! I think she was in there around 40 minutes tonight... we got distracted by Memaw and Gigi who talked with Ellie during her bath. Good thing we only do bath/shower 3-4 times a week!
-loves to dance. I don't know if you remember this from when she was itty bitty, but she still loves to move to music.
-eats extremely well I would say for a 2 year old. I can usually get her to eat all her broccoli, green beans, corn, rice, potatoes, and definitely fruit. She still struggles eating chicken, but it's getting better. The only thing I know she won't eat is lasagna or lettuce.
-favorite places: Target and Starbucks. (probably because mom loves target and dad loves starbucks).

Wow that is a lot to read, sorry. Ellie truly is a happy kid, who loves people. It's such a joy to see the little person she's developed into, and I know there is so much developing and growing she will do. I only hope I get to share many more years with this little one. I love her deeply!


Mary from Diet Site said...

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Happy B-day Ellie!!

Courtney said...

She is such a fun kiddo! Happy bday Ellie! I told her on Sunday and she said happy birthday ellie back to me. It was really cute!