Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Zach and I went to Colorado at the end of March for our friend, Devin Dickel's wedding. We decided to make this a mini vacation just the two of us. It started out with Zach sick (throwing up the night before and on the airplane/in the airport), then the next day I got sick and had to stay in the hotel all day. Luckily Zach had friends to hang out with so that he wasn't bored out of his mind while I was in bed. We were both able to go to the wedding (Zach was in the wedding), and it was a beautiful wedding. The mountains were in the background, the food was delicious (although we weren't able to fully enjoy it), and the couple just perfect for each other. Congrats to Devin and Brianna!
Of course there was not much picture taking, but here is a picture of the night Zach and I went out on a date to a really good restaurant in Boulder, The Med.
We ordered half price appetizers and sampled many items, all delicious. Our favorite place was definitely a breakfast place known as The Buff. We went there twice. Zach tried their saddlebags pancakes (pancakes with bacon in them and eggs on top). Man vs. Food (a tv show) was there for that dish the day before, pretty impressive.

Although it was spring, it was pretty much still winter there. It was hard leaving NC with the flowers blooming and warm weather, for cooler weather and snow! Winter is not my season at all and I was so ready for warm weather, but I did enjoy seeing the snow covered mountains. We didn't pack our ski apparel, so we didn't go skiing. We sure did regret that thought, it's hard going to CO and not take part in skiing in the awesome snow. We'll be back for that though. We forgot (of course) to take the camera when we went up in the mountains, but I did get a picture of one view (the worst) of our drive to our hotel.
The mountains were gorgeous! The land is completely flat and then there are these big mountains. We drove up highway 36 to Boulder, you are driving directly at the mountains and it was such a nice view. We did get two pictures of both of us, one at the wedding which turned out awful and the other at the airport.
We asked people to take the pictures and I hate that it seems when we do that, they always get a huge background! I don't want to see everything behind me (not unless it's the mountains or some awesome view)! Oh well, at least they took a picture of us! Glad one of them turned out well.

Our trip wasn't all that we hoped it to be, but it was nice having a break. We sure did miss our girls. Hopefully next year when we get away we won't get sick!

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Knappsters said...

I've eaten at the med on my trip out to fact, none other than Mary Grace worked there that summer. Fun times!