Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Double Date- Minute to Win It

Last Thursday we had a double date with our friends, Laura and John Baumeister. We had a yummy dinner, put the kids to bed, then played Minute to Win It (stole this idea from the Shelton's).

We played a total of 8 games. How you play: you have to do the activity provided in one minute or you loose. Zach won with the most points, which we made up how to score. A few of the games: sorting candies in order, rolling a ping pong ball on a tape measurer into a shot glass, spinning around 5 times then tossing a ball into a hole, make 3 golf balls stand on top of each other (no one was able to accomplish this, however John did do it while we were just hanging out afterward), keep 3 non-helium balloons off the ground (extremely difficult), toss a ping pong off a wall and catch it in a bowl on your head 5 times, and more...

We did play a game where you have to make a candy elevator. Here are some picture from that:
John went first, had a hard time. I'm pretty sure he never got them in his mouth. Next, Laura B:
She got the candies in her mouth, took a little fixing of the elevator first. Up next, Zach:
Zach won this game, he got the candies immediately. Last, me:
Yea, I lost. Never could get them into my mouth. Oh well.

We had a lot of fun! Thanks to the Shelton's for the idea, and then to the Baumeister's for a great time!

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