Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ainsley rolls over!

Ainsley rolled over twice yesterday (April 12)!! I was doing some laundry and had her laying on her belly on the floor, then left the room to put clothes on the bed. When I came back she was on her back! I think ran into the garage/Zach's office to tell him. We put her back on her belly to see if she would do it again for daddy and me to see, she did! She wouldn't do it for the video camera though.

I was able to get a mini photo shoot of Ainsley during tummy time, and of course Ellie too. I love that Ainsley likes tummy time, I hope this means she will crawl sooner than 10.5 months. Well, maybe I don't hope that because I know that will just bring me more work trying to keep track of her! Oh well, enjoy the pics.

I forgot to mention Ellie fell face down on the back porch which is whyshe has a scratched up nose. No Ainsley didn't push her, neither did I. She did it all by herself, tripping on her own two feet (which seems to happen a lot more recently).

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