Monday, April 19, 2010

Ainsley 4 months!

Can you believe Ainsley is 4 months? It's hard to remember life without her, but then again it just felt like yesterday when she was welcomed into this world! We went in for her 4 month check up today and she still is growing strong. She weighed 16lbs. 3oz. (94%), measured 24.5 in. (50%), and head circumference of 42.2cm (80%). She's still a chunky little girl, I love it!

So let me tell you about this little sunshine. Ainsley LOVES mommy. She loves being in my arms, looking at me, laughing with me, smiling with me... and I LOVE that! The other night I had her giggling up a storm and Zach said that she only does that with me. I said I doubt that and told him to try it. He was doing the exact same thing I was doing, and barely got anything out of there. He was right, she was only laughing with me. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't seem to mind other people either, but you can definitely tell she's a mommy's girl right now. She also LOVES her sister. Ellie always makes her smile and giggle, and Ainsley just loves to watch her run around. Ainsley is a very happy girl and is mostly super easy! She cries occasionally when she is hungry, tired, or is left alone (she wants to be right beside mommy and Ellie), but most days it's only when she's tired and we're trying to put her down for a nap. She had two shots today for her vaccinations, and we didn't get a single tear! She gave us a frown with the second shot, but nothing more. She did show her distaste to the oral vaccine, but was still very content. I couldn't believe how easy the doctor was! Ainsley is such a sweetie and I can't wait to see more of her personality.

It's so funny how when you become a mom your excitement comes from just a simple smile, a single word, spit bubbles, or even a burp. It's just so exciting see your little one learn new things. Here is what Ainsley can do, which I get super excited about:
-hold her head up
-smile and giggle/laugh
-squeal, babble
-blow spit bubbles, and occasionally will do some raspberries (vibrating lower lip)
-sit with support
-spend 5-10 minutes on tummy, lifts her head completely up, props herself up on her hands and elbows
-roll from back to tummy, although she doesn't do this everyday.
-grab toys and put them in her mouth
-drool all over herself! I think she's teething, but we'll see when this first tooth comes.
-sleeps 9-10 hours at night, nurses 6 times a day
-sometimes will go to sleep completely by herself for naps, but most of the time I still rock her until her eyes start to close, then I lay her down.
-sits in exersaucer for up to 20 minutes.
-stand on her legs with all her weight and even stand up by herself while holding onto my fingers

7:00-7:30a - wakes up when Ellie wakes up, eats, sits at table for breakfast with us
8:30a- nap
9:30a- eats and plays until we go out to play
10:00-11:30a- takes a cat nap while we're out
12:30p- eats then plays
1:00p- naps
3:30p- I usually have to wake her up to feed her, then she plays
5:30p- naps
6:30p- eats then plays
7:30p- bed time
8:30p-9:30p- I wake her up to feed her one last time and she goes back to sleep immediately

Her naps usually last about an hour except for the afternoon nap which can go up to 3 hours sometimes! This is awesome because that's when Ellie takes her nap, and sometimes I take mine :) Sometimes she will take a longer nap in the morning while we're out, which ruins her afternoon nap (she usually won't sleep but 30-45 minutes then). This schedule is pretty much our normal right now. I'm going to start solids soon, so I'm sure that will change things up!

I love you sweet Ainsley! You bring so much joy to my life!

Some think she looks a lot like her Papa:

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