Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ainsley's First Taste of Solids

I won't say first taste of food because I feel like rice cereal isn't really much of anything. I decided with doctor's advice to go ahead and start the solids. We documented this experience:

I don't think Ainsley is quite ready. As you can tell from the video, all of it I'm pretty sure came out of her mouth. I tried again at lunch time and she only got one bite. I just don't want to cram the stuff in her mouth, that's not the point. So I think I'm going to wait a few more weeks and try again.

With Ellie I made most of her babyfood except the veggies. I definitely want to do that again, I actually enjoy it. I think to make it a little bit easier I might invest in one of those babyfood processors which cook it and puree it all in one! I'm going to enjoy seeing how Ainsley likes each new food. I love this stage... they don't make much of a mess because you control it all and they will eat anything that you put in their mouth (although they might not like it much).


Courtney said...

Ben has been much slower going with food than Zeke, but has now finally decided he likes it. He literally went from eating a bite or two to eating 4 tbs. Good luck! Oh and let me know if you get the babyfood thing, I am interested in hearing about it!

The Bryant's said...

Grace did not eat any cereal or any type of food til she was around 10 months old. Her doctors said she was doing wonderful and growing very well with breast milk so it was maybe 6 weeks before she turned 1 that we started introducing cereal and fruit. Needless to say she did not like her cake on her birthday. I
wouldn't push the issue either, when they are ready they will let you know. Juliann started eating cereal when she was around 3-4 weeks old but she also wasn't gaining enough weight. We love and miss ya'll.

The Bryant's