Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Post Apology

I hate that it's been almost two weeks with no post! At least I have some good reasons for that...

Last Monday, Zach left to go out of town. Something has to go wrong since he is out of town, right? I was about to think nothing would happen because he was coming home Tuesday morning, but then at around 9pm Monday night, Ellie woke up screaming. She had been making a few noises here and there, but I didn't think anything of it. This noise I knew something was not right and went immediately to her room to find throw up all over her and the bed. Yuck. I had to give her a bath and then cleaned everything up. She ended up going to bed with me at around 10:30p, but was up every hour somewhat throwing up.

I wasn't sure if Ellie was actually sick because the next day she acted normal and had no other sign of illness. Zach and I were headed to Colorado on Thursday morning, so we drove to my parents house to drop the kids off on Wednesday. Wednesday night we realized Ellie must have had a bug because low and behold Zach started throwing up. We decided to still make the trip to Colorado, but poor Zach was sick the whole day. It was awful. I thought I was just a trooper with an amazing immunity to this stomach bug, but found that wasn't the case on Friday. Friday morning I woke up with it. Super. We found out later that day that my dad had it and then that night, Ainsley had it.

Zach and I tried to enjoy the rest of our time in Colorado, we got back home late Monday night. Now we are finally better and back to our home sweet home. I'm hoping to update the blog soon, although we barely took any pictures in CO.

So here is my apology for the lack of posts. Thanks for being understanding :)


The Robinsons said...

Oh gosh, that sounds AWFUL. Grace Elizabeth and Caleb had a bug about a week apart a couple months ago. When I was cleaning up Grace Elizabeth I was just thinking to myself that that should not be in the job description for a mom! Glad y'all survived and it's behind you.

Bobby and Brooke said...

yuck! the stomach bug is normally good about being fair and spending time with each family member. i hate ya'll had to deal with that. i hope you're all feeling much better soon!