Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is Almost Here!

We are so excited and happy that warmer weather is finally here! We have been enjoying it and have played outside for many hours. We also get to see some beautiful colors coming out of the ground, we have daffodils blooming! Here is the first bloom at our house (I think even in our neighborhood), however we now have many that have bloomed. We love it!

We spent Monday afternoon/early evening at Womble Park. Ellie had so much fun playing on the playground, especially since her best friend Addison came along.

gotta love these smiles:
Ellie really likes riding the horse:

Ainsley wasn't too excited:

She found a doll at the playground (lasted about 5 min):

Warmer weather has also been followed with longer naps. Everyday this week Ellie has taken 3 hour naps, I love it! Ellie used to take naps this long, but not since Ainsley was born. I'm thinking it might last since we'll only be playing more and more outside (especially when the pool opens). I just love warm weather!!