Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ellie Learning to Video

Ellie loves taking pictures and taking videos with the camera. We're trying to teach her how to hold it. She has learned how to say smile, which comes out "sam-el" (listen for it in the video, she says it multiple times). I think she's telling the toys on the exersaucer to smile.

This next video is just hilarious to Zach and I. We had no idea she was taking a video, but just found this while watching all of them. What's really funny to us, is this is what she does when we tell her it's time for dinner and she's playing (she runs around and then finally comes when the table is set). It's just funny to see her run with the camera room to room. I guess she knows that dinner is never really "ready" until a few minutes later, usually when mommy says it.

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