Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So Different

It's crazy how different our two girls are! The other day I had to go to the next size in clothes for Ainsley (3-6 months), she is growing like a weed. (I do feel like she has stopped growing so fast and will stay in this size for a while). There is hardly anything Ainsley can wear because almost all of Ellie's clothes from 0-6 months are summer clothes. I did pull out a long sleeve onesie of Ellie's. Ellie wore the onsie at 5 months. Here's the pictures to compare:

Ainsley is definitely a tad bit bigger than Ellie, but surprisingly not that much bigger. I know that they start slimming down a lot after 4 months, I think they also start to look a lot cuter. One thing Ainsley has on Ellie is her hair, I just love how much she has and how long it is! Ainsley's hair is almost as long as Ellie's is now, and Ainsley will let me put bows in it and put it up (hehe). Another difference between the two is the eyes. Although they do have the same color, they are very different shapes and both very beautiful. Now the cheeks on Ainsley, we'll have to see if those ever disappear, but Ellie definitely had some cheeks at 9 months. Not sure why they came so much later.

It's surprising how different they look, but yet how beautiful they both are. I thought that it might be hard because Ellie is just so darn cute and always has been, and that I would never think our next baby would be as cute as Ellie. I was wrong, I absolutely adore Ainsley and think she is precious. I do compare the two, but with them being so different, they each have their individualistic cuteness (like that wording?). It'll be fun to watch them both grow.

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Courtney said...

So funny. My boys are the opposite from your girls in sizing. I put a onesie on Ben yesterday that is still a little big on him and Zeke wore it a month younger and was busting out of it.