Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing Together

Another week of no posts, so sorry! I've really been struggling with energy this week. I'm not sure if it is recovering from Zach being gone or because I'm coming down with something again. I should probably go see the doctor, this is the third time I've had a hoarse throat and cough this year! I hardly ever get sick, but I've sure been down with something more this year than the past 5! Ha...

We've definitely had some great moments this week. I'll be posting over the next few days some of them, so come back to check them out! Today you get to see some pics of Ellie and Ainsley playing together. Now that Ainsley is a lot bigger, I'm a lot more willing to let Ellie be around her without me being right there. I will lay Ainsley on her play mat, and Ellie usually comes and lays right next to her. They will stay there hanging out for at least 10 minutes usually, this is great because they entertain each other and I'm able to get ready for the day (since I'm not doing great at all about waking up early). I was able to get some shots earlier this week of them on the mat. Ainsley is loving the mat, especially when her sister is right next to her. You can just see it on her face how happy she is, she's such a happy girl!

I just have the cutest kids, don't I??

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