Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Doctor Visit #3- Bug Bites

So we had our third doctor visit in 2 weeks last Thursday. Ainsley was eaten up by some bug?? We are pretty positive it was a few mosquitoes, but the bites didn't react like mosquito bites should.

Here's the story: We took Ellie to the doctor on Tuesday, she had an ear infection. We then went to pick up her prescription. We went through the drive-thru, where mosquitoes were EVERYWHERE. We know at least 3-4 flew in the window, we think we killed 2. Well when we got home, Ainsley was cover in bites on her right side. We counted 12 bites total, all on her right side. It was so pitiful looking, it was on her face, her arm, her hand, her leg, and her foot. They looked like regular mosquito bites, but then the next day they were very swollen and really red. Still not too abnormal, but then Thursday they had blistered! I didn't know what to think of it and after talking to a friend, I decided just to call the nurse to check in. I didn't think they would want to see her, but maybe just suggest I give her some benadryl. Well, since they weren't quite sure what they were dealing with and it didn't sound like mosquito bites, they wanted to see her. We took her in, over bug bites. The doctor looked at them and was concerned, but since she was acting normal otherwise he suggested benadryl and a topical antibiotic on some of them to prevent infection. So we aren't really sure what bit her, looked more like ant bites but there were no signs of ants! Strange, yet a story to be told.

They still have not gone away, but they do look better. Not all of them blistered, which was good. We'll be going to the doctor this Thursday to check on Ainsley's ears, then again next week to check on Ellie's ears. Hopefully no more unexpected visits this year, I'm thinking yea right on that one...


The Bryant's said...

The girls use to get mosquito bites just like that. Dr. Parsley (old ped) she was Wytonia,Karen and Allen's doc. but she said the reason why the girls got so big and blistered was because they were allergic to them. so she told me an old remedy was to take meat tenderizer mix with water and make a paste put it on each bump let them sleep with it over night, and when they woke they were smaller and after a couple of days it was completely gone. We still use it today. You may want to try it.


The Gambino's said...

I just read your daughters story and I am having the same issue. I am on my son's 3rd doctor visit today. My sons look just like your daughters. What did they end up telling you they were?

Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

The doctor thought they must be ant bites, but after a year and Ainsley getting bit my mosquitoes over and over again, I can definitely see that they were mosquito bites.

Ainsley has a more severe reaction than others to mosquitoes. I've heard some people can have their whole limb swollen and need to go to the hospital after mosquito bites.

Over time her bites no longer get blisters and have lessened the degree of an allergic reaction. If she does get bit multiple times, it helps to give her benadryl. The bites do go away with time (although it might take weeks).

Hope this helps.