Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not a Box

We checked out a book at the library called 'Not a Box'. It was a fun book about a bunny with an imagination. We had our own imagination with our own box. At first the girls had a lot of fun in the cave:

But then I thought we could go on a boat ride, sounds like fun right? Well in the transition from a cave to a boat, fear struck Ellie and the box no longer was fun. She cried and screamed her head off, so the box was put away. Luckily, Ellie changed her mind later in the week when a diaper box was laying around. She decided it would be fun to brave it out and go on a boat ride again. She also decided it would be a fun race car... we'll see what else she comes up with next!

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THE BRYANT'S said...

It looks like both girls are better. I am glad they can have some fun. We are here @ the beach celebrating Juliann's 14th birthday. It is so hard to believe she is that old. Glad your home study is done. I guess we will see you @ Thanksgiving.