Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a great time this year dressing up and trick or treating. Ellie was very excited and highly enjoyed the candy :) Ainsley wasn't thrilled about her costume, but liked all the excitement. Ellie was a beautiful pink butterfly/fairy:
Here she is saying cheese, she puts her hand up to her eyes like she's taking a picture, too cute:
Ainsley was a ladybug (Ellie's costume last year):

We started off the weekend by going to the annual HollyFest in our town Holly Springs. It's somewhat like a mini fair, lots of rides, games, food, and friends!
Ellie actually asked to ride a ride, I was shocked! She really enjoyed it:

There was a petting zoo, which the girls loved to look (not pet) the animals. A fun barn to take pictures in:
Saturday night, we went to a cook out/surprise baby shower at the Jamison's which was a ton of fun, I sure miss seeing those friends every week. Brought the camera, but wasn't in the mood to take pictures. Enjoyed talking and being occupied with the girls instead of taking pictures.

We had to get some pictures of Ellie and Addison trick or treating on Halloween. We wanted to go with the neighbors, but enjoyed dinner a little too much and were late. The girls were so cute! Ellie and Addison had so much fun! They looked extremely adorable...

Lastly, one of all three of my loves:

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