Monday, November 15, 2010

Sick Again...

Ellie has been sick again. We just can't stay well around here! This time she was really sick... She had a very high temperature (Friday night and all day Saturday it was up at 104-105 degrees, she threw up a few times, and was very lethargic (which has never happened to Ellie, even when she is sick). All she wanted to do was be in both mommy and daddy's arms (at the same time), she wanted to be wrapped up in a blanket, cuddled in our arms, and not moving. She has slowly gotten a little better. She now acts mostly fine during the day, but gets worse at night (fever comes back and has some trouble sleeping). I'm hoping neither Ainsley or I get sick, we'll wait and see.

So something about Ellie when she is sick and not lethargic, she is the best behaving little girl ever! She has manners consistently, is very obedient, kind and loving, and very sweet. Zach and I actually enjoy it when she's like this, although we wish she didn't have to be sick to act like this. I guess she doesn't have the energy to fight back, be mean, or get mad.

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The Bryant's said...

I know there is a horrible bug going around and i hope and pray you guys don't get it and I pray Ellie feels better soon. I know it ends up with cold symptoms.

We Love You,
The Bryant's

P.S. Tell Ellie we love her and are praying for her!!!! <3