Friday, November 5, 2010

Addison & Ellie

Addison and Ellie get to hang out quite frequently. Currently Addison is coming over 4 days a week while her previous care provider is on maternity leave. We love having Addison over, Ellie is definitely learning how to interact with friends for extended periods of time (which is not so easy). We have many time outs for hitting, pushing, not sharing, and being unkind. For those of you that do not know Ellie that well, she is non stop. She is strong, going all the time, and absolute LOVES to play with someone. She loves having Addison over, but is learning how she should treat her friends. She doesn't have that gentle, kind spirit like some kids, she's more like the outgoing, let's do crazy things child. I love her to death, but she brings many challenges!

Although they may have some bad moments, there are many good moments between the two girls. They love running with each other, doing puzzles together, reading together, and most of the time sharing! I love seeing them interact, especially on their good days. It's really hilarious to watch 2 year old girls interact with each other. They don't have the concern yet about others liking them, they just act without any care of what the other thinks. We get to have a long car ride on Wednesday mornings to church for my bible study. They always converse with each other, and I get to just listen. They love singing songs, and also arguing with each other. One will ask a question, the other will answer with yes or no, and then the other will respond with the opposite. They just go back and forth: no, yes, no, yes, no, yes... until I tell them to stop. I try to teach them about arguing, but they are not really getting it and they enjoy it too much. I know Ellie definitely gets it from both her mother and father. Addison, I'm not quite sure which one. Here's a cute video of them having a conversation, it is just a glimpse of their interaction:

Ellie & Addison Conversation from Laura Hanlon on Vimeo.

The other day I caught Ellie reading the Bible to Addison. It was so cute, and they were actually talking about the story of Jonah and the big fish. I ran to get my camera, and when I came back and was taking pictures, Ellie immediately decided she should pray. She does this quite often when Addison is around, she is always very thankful for Addison coming over and she must tell God thank you. Too cute! This is the only time I've seen her pray without our encouragement except for meal times. Ellie sure does love her friend!

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