Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11 months!

One month until Ainsley is 1 year old! I'm definitely going to be sad to say goodbye to these sweet baby months, but I know she must grow and more fun will come. Previously I have forgotten to mention a few things about little Annie, her personality has definitely come out a lot more over the past few months. One thing about her is she is quite the explorer, she loves to get into things (which might be because her older sister now gets into EVERYTHING). One of her favorite things to do is to take a rubber bouncy ball and take it around the house, placing it and dropping it in all sorts of places. I'm not quite sure why she loves it so much, but it occupies her!

I know I have mentioned how sweet she is, but I've seen it a lot more in her interaction with Ellie this past month. She likes to take Ellie's new favorite item, Dolly Madison (a stuffed doll), but when Ellie asks for it back, Ainsley almost always gives it right back (although sometimes they do play tug-a-war, Ainsley doesn't respond well to taking from her). She is always willing to share, and loves to make us laugh.

more things about Ainsley:
-word she likes to say: doggie, dada, kitty cat, thank you (most recent)
-waves hello and bye bye
-points at objects
-drinks from sippy cups, but still doesn't drink from a straw
-stands alone
-walks while holding onto one hand (I think she'll take those first steps soon, we'll see)
-refuses baby food, loves to eat table food (starting to refuse some veggies now)
-feeds 3-4 times a day. I just decided to try to nurse her only 3 times a day, I'm hoping to be consistent about this so I can wean her at a year easily.
-sleeps from 7p-5:30a. About to change this soon though. Right now she is waking up in habit at 5:30a (used to be 6:30a before the time change), I'm going to try to break this habit and wait to feed until she wakes up for the day. She did it this morning!
-naps usually twice a day, 20-40 minutes in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon.
-very expressive, her whole face shows what she's feeling (mad, frustrated, happy, sad)
-loves her thumb
-loves to play in the dog water bowl
-LOVES to sing, dance, and clap. Whenever I sing a song, she claps and frequently even sings along
-still loves to bounce
-plays independently, will play for a long time by herself (I find this quite odd because Ellie didn't do this well at all, she always wanted me to play with her. Ainsley even has an older sister to play with, but seems to like playing alone and exploring by herself, although she does love to play with Ellie too)
-likes to read books (short ones), take apart puzzles, and play with the farm animals
-LOVES the chair, she absolutely loves to sit in the heart chair (I think because it's just her size)
-keeps her socks and shoes on, also keeps bows and clips in her hair (Ellie can't do either one of these, never has kept any of these on very long)

I love this little girl! She has been such a blessing to my life and I look forward to many more years watching her grow into a beautiful girl.

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