Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Delicious turkey by my mom:
It was great visiting family one last time before baby Ainsley arrives. We are so thankful to have such a loving family, people who will always be there. This year I am thankful for many things, the Lord continually blesses us. Not only am I thankful for the wonderful things such as God's grace, a wonderful husband, a sweet and healthy little girl, family, friends, church, and a house.... I'm also thankful for the "not-so-good" things. Such as the sleepless nights (bc it only means that I get to experience this wonderful thing called pregnancy and hopefully bring another precious little girl into this world), the forceful and continuous movement of my baby (bc this means she is healthy and alive), the arguments with my husband (bc it means I have a husband, one who desires intimacy and a better relationship like I do), an eternal mess (I spend all day picking up after my family, but this means I have a family and teaches me to just let things be a mess sometimes), and then lastly (although I could go on) I am thankful for the empty checking account (bc I have learned what is valuable and one of those things is kids... which is why my bank account is empty in the first place).

I'm truly thankful for everything, even though sometimes I might not act like it. I don't deserve anything, but for some reason the Lord continues to give. So although this post is a little late after Thanksgiving, I hope that you too will be thankful for every moment.

We had a very busy Thanksgiving Day. We first had lunch at Aunt Kay's house with all of Zach's mom's family, then went to Uncle Kevin's late afternoon to hang out with Zach's dad's family. We ended the weekend celebrating Thanksgiving with my family with an amazing dinner, cooked all by my mom, on Saturday. We didn't capture many pictures of the family, but we did get a few of Ellie and some cousins:

Ellie with her 3 cousins

Ellie playing the Rock Band drums at Uncle Kevin's house, she definitely is a big fan of drums!

Ellie fell in love with these tigger shoes, these are the only shoes she'll actually keep on!

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