Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ellie is doing extremely well with her little sister. She is always very excited to see her after she has been gone, and loves to tickle her feet! We are trying to be very cautious with the two, which is hard work and leads to some frustration. Life is definitely going to be different with two, but we are excited and still can't believe we are parents of two!

Ainsley had a doctor's appointment this morning, and is finally gaining weight back! If you don't know much about newborns, they loose weight the first few days and will hopefully start to gain it back when mother's milk comes in or they start eating really well. It's a huge relief to know that she has gained weight, especially when she's gaining it fast! She gained 3 oz in 2 days, they only expect 1 oz per day! This is very exciting and we are so thankful that things are going so well and for such a healthy girl!


Mark said...

Congrats you guys! She is adoreable!

Bobby and Brooke said...

So sweet!!! I am glad that the transition is going well and that Ellie is loving the new addition! Congrats again!!! :)