Tuesday, December 1, 2009

37 weeks

No picture of the belly this week, I know you're sad, but I did want to give you an update! Last week I went to the doctor and got my Strep B test, was checked for dilation and position, was measured, and of course got to hear Ainsley's precious little heart beat! So what did the doctor say?? Well I am 2cm dilated, and Ainsley's head is down and is in the -2 position (-3 is where they start and +2 is when her head will be crowning during delivery)! Very exciting, although we still have no idea when she is coming this at least means we're getting ready for the big day.

Today I had another appointment and I found out today at the doctor that the test came back negative, which is nice b/c I don't have to worry about receiving the antibiotic for it. We didn't check for dilation or position (except to still make sure her head is down), we'll do that next week. Yea nothing exciting to report, but of course I'm always excited to get to hear her heartbeat (which sounded great).

So how am I feeling? Right now, extremely yucky. I still am fighting this cold/virus, however since it's been 2 weeks of me coughing, the doctor did put be on an antibiotic. Hopefully I'll get better soon! I definitely would prefer Ainsley to not come now because I want to be healthy before I start labor. I'm really exhausted, yet my body doesn't want to let me sleep... so I just try to rest when I'm not chasing a toddler around, or cooking, or cleaning, or whatever else might come up. BUT I do have my bag somewhat packed, Ainsley's clothes washed, newborn diapers, the house decorated for Christmas, most of the Christmas shopping done, even most of the presents wrapped and under the tree! It definitely is a crazy time of the year to have a baby, but also a very fun time to welcome one into this world. Zach and I love Christmas time and hope that we will cherish every moment this December. Now the waiting game... the countdown begins! Be praying for us...

Our first Christmas tree:

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