Wednesday, December 9, 2009

38 weeks

No change from 2 weeks ago except that my cervix is very soft and 50% effaced! I'm still 2cm dilated, she's still head down and in the -2 position. I'm feeling much better, still have a slight cough, but the infection is gone! I also only got up once last night to potty, which is a first in FOREVER (maybe 7 months??). This also means that I slept very well, only waking that once and then when I had to turn over (which probably was at least a handful of times). This is amazing sleep compared to how I was sleeping. Maybe I'm resting up for the big day!

My body is definitely getting ready for labor, but no telling when it will be. The doctor said most likely I'll be just a few days early like Ellie, but she wouldn't be surprised if I went tonight or a week late. I feel finally ready and somewhat anxious, so I'm trying to be patient and enjoy these last days with just us three. (However, I started walking again now that I feel better to encourage Ainsley to come... we'll see if it works). Keep praying for us!


Yours Truly - Anj and Mel said...

How exciting!! I am so glad you are feeling better. We can't wait to meet little Ainsley

rebecca said...

Congratulations you guys...she's beautiful!!