Saturday, March 19, 2011

Farm Animal Days

Friday, we went to Farm Animal Days at the NCSU Beef Unit in Raleigh. They host a few days where kids can come look and touch farm animals, so much fun for preschoolers! On this beautiful warm day, I went with my friend who also has two little ones (Erin, Henry (almost 3), and Anna (9 mo)).

We had to ride separately (of course, 4 kids + 2 adults only will fit in a van which neither of us have... yet). We arrive about the same time and were shocked at the line just to park... in the cow pasture. We waited in line, chatted on our cell phones together (this is probably the most quality conversation we had), and then found a parking place. I was able to park fairly close to the entrance, but Erin ended up parking at the very back of the pasture and basically had to walk 1/2 mile to get to the entrance! Thank goodness it was a perfect spring day, it took us almost an hour just to get ready. The girls didn't seem to mind, they enjoyed people watching and the sun.

It was our first time, and we had a lot of fun. I got to show Ellie all about baby animals, let her touch the animals, and teach about where we get milk from. Ellie really loves seeing and learning about all the animals, Ainsley enjoyed looking at the animals too!

Calf nursing from cow, this was very interesting for Ellie:

Ellie and Henry:

Ainsley hanging out in the stroller (so she wouldn't escape!):

Horse (mare) with foal:

Girls looking at the pigs:

Henry and Ellie petting a goat:

Ainsley was also very brave and petted the goat. There were a lot of animals there, those not pictured above included sheep, bunnies, a bull, turkeys, and baby chicks.

I am sad we didn't get a picture of how we ended our morning. We ended up eating our packed lunch underneath a huge oak tree in the cow pasture up near Erin's car. Perfect.

Definitely going to go back next year, we had fun even though it was extremely crowded!

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