Friday, March 11, 2011

Ellie- 35 months

Okay, okay, I know Ellie is almost 3, but I wanted to go ahead and make a post about her just in case I forget some things. I should have been making more posts this past year about her because she has changed so much! She is still our little social, vibrant, beautiful girl, but she sure has grown up into a preschooler!

Facts about Ellie, listed in the order they come up in my mind:
-LOVES people and does NOT like to play alone. Wherever we go, Ellie will make a friend. If she even spots another kid running around (even if they are 10 years older than her), she wants to be their friend and play. I love this about her, she is so friendly!
-VERY stubborn. One thing that amazes me is how much will this little girl has. If she REALLY wants it, she will do it even when she knows the consequences. One example is her desire to get into her sister's crib. Sometimes she wants to play, other times she wants to just sleep with Ainsley, either way Ainsley does NOT like it. I'm not sure if we would care so much, but if it's preventing Ainsley from sleeping, we can't tolerate it. Ellie has gotten a red, raw bottom on many occasions from her stubbornness. I'm hoping this is only temporary and soon she'll start caring more about being obedient and pleasing her parents, although I don't want it to go away because this can be a positive attribute too as she gets older. I hope we can teach her well... we're working on it.
-LOVES to squeal and scream with her sister. I cannot keep this girl from screaming, if it's in a game of hide and seek or simply playing with her sister at dinner, she cannot contain herself. Girls will be girls, but I hope soon she will learn that screaming is only for outside.
-One interesting fact about Ellie is that she has only said "I love you" without being prompted a few times. She doesn't even say "I love ___". The only time she has said it, is when she tells us or Ainsley that she loves her. It is super sweet, but I can't wait for the day when she says I love you mommy. I'm not sure if this is strange, but at least I know when she does say it, she will mean it.
-Ellie loves shoes, especially dressy shoes, although she also loves to take them off. As soon as she walks in the door, she takes her shoes off. In the car it was a battle until the past 6 months to keep them on, now she continually asks. She also loves skirts and leggings, although she still lets me dress her in whatever I want, and her favorite shirt is her "party shirt". She still refuses to keep her hair up or a clip/bow in. She loves painting her toes, but hates getting her toe nails cut (fingernails she's fine with).
-She has been obsessed with tv the past year, but just recently I think she doesn't seem to care as much. Instead of asking for tv when she wakes up from her nap now, she asks to read a book. Love it.
-We haven't been to the beach or pool since September, but at least 2-3 times a month she asks to go. We are excited for the summer!
-She loves to jump and sing. One of the funniest thing she does right now is join together multiple songs. Right now her favorite song to sing consists of I Can Talk to God, Jesus loves me, and God loves you and me.
-Although she does not like to play alone, recently she has become very good at it. She will pretend play a lot. She likes to grocery shop and check out, drive her car and visit friends, talk on the phone, lead sunday school and worship, be a waitress, play doctor, and play mommy with baby doll. I often take a few moments and stop what I'm doing to just watch her, it just makes me smile.
-She has memorized a few books and often reads them to Ainsley, this is definitely a favorite of mine to watch. I'm very impressed at her memory and how fast she can memorize a book.
-Ellie knows her letter sounds and most of her letters (depends on if she wants to think). She has just started writing her name, I'll try to get a picture up soon.
-she also knows her shapes, colors, and how to count to twenty (although not perfect every time).
-still a picky eater, but getting better. Meal times are definitely a lot of work, unless it's something she REALLY likes.
-can buckle herself in her car seat all by herself! I love this, such a big help!
-favorite songs: Hosanna Rock, Jingle Bells, and recently Marry You (which we don't approve of)
-favorite books: Clifford books
-favorite tv shows: Super Why, Dora
-favorite friend: Addison (whom she also has stated that she loves)
-Loves to be thrown in the air really high.
-Loves stickers and to color.
-very curious, she wants to know everyone's name and what they are doing. We will see a random stranger in the store and Ellie tells them her name and her sister's name and asks them what they are doing.
-Ellie has never been a cuddler, always has wanted her space, until recently. She now will cuddle with me, asks to be held frequently, and will lay on my lap. I think she is starting to understand that this is a form of love.

Ellie is such a fun, lovable girl. I can have so much fun with her and although I may want to pull my hair out most days from her craziness, she always makes me smile at the end of the day. I know we are in the "terrible" stage, this soon shall pass. I don't want to forget her fun, friendly, care-free attitude. I hope to remember the good moments, not the bad ones. I love this girl, forever and always.

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