Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ainsley- 15 months!

My little Ainsley is 15 months old! I would have to say that these past few months have been the hardest with two since she was born. I can't do many things fun (like Marbles or the library) with just me and them, Ainsley runs off one way and Ellie doesn't just follow me around chasing her little sister (I don't blame her). Ainsley is one the move and into EVERYTHING, having one this age is difficult, having another child to tend to is definitely a lot more challenging. I am simply exhausted, but boy can we have some fun together!

I do love how cute little ones are at this age, although a handful, and Ainsley is simple ADORABLE! Here are some facts about Ainsley at 15 months:
-waves at EVERYBODY
-very quiet to everybody but us. she mumbles a lot, trying to talk to us in sentences, but we don't understand any of it. she likes to scream/yell a lot when playing with her sister, this is very annoying.
-loves to give hugs, hold hands, be held, and cuddle. she usually will come up to me and Zach at least 10 times a day to give hugs. i love it.
-she still loves to read
-she likes to play by herself, and seems to really enjoy her time when her sister is gone. she loves to play with Ellie, but really seems happy to explore things on her own
-likes to hug, rock, cuddle with baby dolls and play with cars
-loves to bother her sister, mostly just to get a reaction. it's quite entertaining to watch.
-says mama, dada, doggie, kitty cat, ball, thank you, balloon, yea, and a few more I'm sure.
-eats with a spoon by herself
-great mimicker. she can copy something we do extremely well, i.e. wash herself, pretend play, talking on the phone.
-she loves to play with pretend food with Ellie, and does very well at pretending (not putting her mouth on the toys)
-likes to get into the trashcan, the dog water bowl, and the toilet. she loves toilet paper, even if it's been used (she removes it from the toilet after her sister has discarded of it, yuck and very not fun).
-still loves to eat, but has become slightly more picky. she definitely doesn't prefer anything green except avocado and lettuce. Both Ellie and Ainsley LOVE quacomole and pizza.
-sleeps in the same room as Ellie (since January), but does NOT like her sister to sleep with her.
-sleeps on her tummy most of the time.
-is the cutest little thing when she runs. she scuffles her feet really fast and has either a huge grin on her face or a very serious look.
-seems to be left handed still, but does color with her right hand.
-she still sucks her left thumb and rubs her right ear when sleepy.
-taking 1 nap a day with Ellie, and sleeps for 2 hours! what a relief!

Although she keeps me busy and easily frustrates me, I love what a sweet joy she is to my life. I can't get enough of her smiles, hugs, and cute looks. I am so thankful for this healthy, beautiful little toddler!


Courtney said...

I completely agree that now is more tiring and difficult than when Ben was a newborn and Z a toddler. Going out places is tough, but for my sanity I try

Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

Courtney, I am glad other moms feel the same way! I rely on our backyard, playgrounds or anything outside, and Target.