Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adoption Setbacks...

So we have had a few hindrances with the adoption.
1. My fingerprints with the CIS were unable to be processed, so I have to go back in and redo them. I still have yet to do that, it's just not so easy to carry 2-3 children into the UCIS office. Zach has been crazy busy with work, my mom has been sick, and well I just need some help at 8am on a weekday morning! I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow, I think this will be the day! We will have to wait another 2-6 weeks for the fingerprints to be processed and approved, I'm hoping it will just take 2 weeks this time around.

2. Gladney adoptions have been on hold in Ethiopia for the past few months. There is one family under investigation, therefore the MOWA refuses to approve Gladney adoptions until this case is solved. We have no details of the case, we are just waiting until they finally get this investigation over with! They initially said it would only take 2 weeks, but nobody was surprised when they informed us it would take longer.

3. The MOWA (Minsitry of Women's Affairs, which must approve all adoptions) has just issued a notice stating they will no longer review 40 cases a day, but instead will be reviewing only 5 due to short staff! This is HUGE. It makes me a tad bit worried because this will slow things down A LOT. We don't want to wait forever to welcome an orphan into our home, there's just too many out there! This hopefully isn't a permanent thing. I'm praying the Ethiopian government won't allow this to happen and adoptions to take this long, their children are at stake!

None of this will hinder us from bringing home our child. We desire for a child to enter our home in the next year, but I still continue to trust in God's timing. Please pray for us and for these MOWA situations to resolve. Thank you for your continued support!

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