Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking a Walk

We are desperate to get out of the house these days, and I'm just plain tired of going to Target. I decided to take a walk the other day (when it was 40 degrees), we just couldn't take it any longer. I put some tiny crocs on Ainsley (there are no decent shoes her size with tough soles) and just let her and Ellie go free in our culdesac. Ainsley was very thrilled she could walk all by herself on the road, she had the biggest smile on her face. Oh the little things...

I definitely should have bundled them up some more, we went down the street and were out a tad bit longer than we should have been. Ellie doesn't mind the cold, but Ainsley definitely does NOT like it. She cried and cried until we got her little hands warmed up (neither one would wear gloves, they just threw them off. at least I was able to get them to wear hats!).


Anonymous said...

That is so precious, and sometimes a mom has got to do what she has to do!! I understand completely! And you are a WONDERFUL MOM!!! 80)

The Bryant's

Jen T. said...

That first picture is absolutely precious. I missed seeing you this morning, Laura!