Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ellie is Potty Trained!

It has officially been over a week with zero poo poo accidents! If you remember from before, Ellie was almost potty trained at 2 but she refused to poo in the potty. After a month of washing out dirty panties, I decided to stick her back in diapers and wait until she was ready.

Well, at the beginning of December she started wanting to go poo poo on the potty. She was asking to go and would sit forever waiting... she actually did go a few times out of the 100 times she tried. I didn't want to mess with it over the holidays, so I waited until the beginning of January (last week). She has really loved panties, so I posed the question if she wanted to wear panties last Tuesday. She enthusiastically said yes, so I informed her that we do not go poo in panties and that if she did there would be consequences. I told her she can poo in diapers or in the potty, but we would like her to poo in the potty. She agreed and has been doing great since!

Another big motivator for Ellie was her best friend, Addison, who has been potty trained for well over 6 months now. At church, Ellie and Addison were no longer in the same class because Addison was potty trained. We have been trying to get Ellie to move up, but it just never worked. We gave up "manipulating" her, and knew one day she will be ready. Last Tuesday (the start date), after she had gone poo poo in the potty, she asked if she could go up to Addison's class. She was so cute, and was very proud of herself. I informed her that she can't go up to Addison's class UNLESS she poo poos in the potty EVERY time. I explained this multiple ways so she understood. Well, I'm not sure if it was the panties or Addison, but Ellie has been doing great!

Ellie does have a few wet accidents, but I know this is harder because of being in diapers for so long. She has only had a handful of wet accidents, and all have been understandable. It's definitely hard on my part to remember to ask her, but she does GREAT! I rarely ever ask her to go, she does it all herself! She runs to the potty when she needs to go (at home) or asks me when we're out. She can pull her pants and panties down by herself, and also put them all back on by herself! The only thing I have to do is help her wash her hands and occasionally wipe. This has been super easy, it's definitely worth waiting until they are ready! So proud of my little girl!!

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