Sunday, January 2, 2011


Reflecting over the past years in the Hanlon family:
2007- Graduated college, married to become the Hanlon family, then soon after became pregnant with our precious Ellie
2008- welcomed Ellie into our little family, lost brother/uncle Justin (Zach's brother)
2009- became pregnant with sweet Ainsley, celebrated Ellie's 1st birthday, welcomed Ainsley into our growing family
2010- celebrated Ellie's 2nd birthday, celebrated Zach and I's 25th birthday, lost mother/grandma Wytonia (Zach's mom), decided to adopt and began adoption process, celebrated Ainsley's 1st birthday

We have had a lot happen, both good and bad, over the bast 4 years. We can definitely still say that our God is good, faithful, and continues to bless us. Praise HIS name for all that he's done in our lives. We look forward to this new year, we know that it's not going to be a quiet one. We will hopefully be definitely meeting our son. I can't even type those words without getting teary eyed and extremely excited at the same time. Here we come 2011!

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The Bryant's said...

We have lost to many in the past years, but I am confident that all of them are in heaven looking down at us and hopefully we are making them proud of us as we continue on here. Some day we will all be together again.We miss them all, each one of them gave me something to always treasure and remember them by. Including our 4 legged little boy that reminds me everyday of Karen and Wytonia. The wonderful memories I have from having a little part in raising Justin. How proud I am of what a wonderful young man he was. He was such a blessing. Uncle Henry how he struggled with his health but showed such bravery and kept on going. He was in an inspiration to me. It is coming up on the 6th year anniversary of Norman's sister's murder,I finally am no longer angry with her, as I held her partially at fault. I no longer have hatred towards the man who shot her (Her husband). We do stil mourn the loss of Norman's 6 2nd cousins that lost their lives 6 years ago this coming Sept. I wonder what those babies would be today as Rebecca would be 24 and Jackson would almost be 8 and all the babes in between. I still do not understand how Mark and Joyce go on everyday. I know it has to be by God's grace and strength, I don't know how I could accept or would react if I lost 6 of my children. Their faith brings them through. They are a wonderful couple. All that has been lost we will always remember for the footprints they stamped on our hearts will remain forever!! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!!

The Bryant's