Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 months!

My sweet little girl is 10 months old! This is her lion, aka Ike, that she isn't quite attached to (not like Ellie & Jack). Ainsley is more attached to her mommy and now more recently, daddy, nana, and papa. She loves to cuddle with you and be held in your arms, although she definitely really enjoys exploring now that she's crawling! She has started to cruise a tad bit, stand on her own, and take steps while holding onto your hands. No teeth, and no sign of them.. but that hasn't changed her love for food, ALL kinds of food. Well maybe not all food, she is really protesting baby food, but she will eat it once she realizes I'm not giving her anything else.

Ainsley is such a great baby, I have really enjoyed these past 10 months. This little one is so content and super sweet, I'm just in LOVE with her! What a blessing she has been to my life.

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Bobby and Brooke said...

Very sweet picture and I don't quite understand why she's not attached to Ike..he looks like a very cool companion!