Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sick Ainsley

The sick little girl, just look at those eyes:
Our sweet little Ainsley has been sick this past weekend. She looks so pitiful when she is sick, but she hardly will let you know it otherwise. She is such a trooper, she's had a fever, congestion, cough, and runny nose. She has been waking up frequently during the night due to the cough mostly, but she usually will go right back to sleep. If her fever doesn't go away by tomorrow, I'll probably call the doctor.

Poor little baby...

She sure is cute, even when she's sick:

Get better soon little boo boo, I want to see that happy crawling baby girl (although I do love cuddling with you bunches)!

1 comment:

The Bryant's said...

You need to take her to the doctor!
She looks so bad, I know she doesn't feel good her eyes are sparkling as usual, and there is so much going around now. We hope you get better SOON!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! 8) :0)