Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mowing the Grass

Mowing the grass, this is a constant thing Ellie wants to do. For her second birthday, some friends of our gave Ellie a lawn mower that is supposed to blow bubbles while pushing. Although the bubbles never work, Ellie loves the lawn mower. I think about everyday she mows the grass. She's definitely going to be sad when we tell her it's too cold to go outside.

This is her mad face when I tell her to stay still for a picture:

What am I going to do when winter comes?? I forget what it's like to stay inside all the time.


Laura said...

get her a vacuum cleaner haha

Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

She's got one of those too! She does use it frequently as well, but I tend to hide it because it makes a lot of noise and has an annoying song that stays in my head ALL day.