Thursday, June 10, 2010

Super Why

Ellie's favorite show on TV is Super Why. I have no idea why she likes the show so much, maybe because of the super flyers and the music? It's funny how kids have their favorites for no apparent reason. She's loved this show since she she started watching tv, and continues to ask for it. I found out a few months back that Super Why was coming to visit the Holly Springs Library, so I registered for the event and marked it on our calendar. We were all super excited to get to meet Super Why, actually Zach was bummed he was going to miss it because he was out of town.

The day and morning of, we got all pumped up and showed up early (which is very rare for us)! We ended up having to wait 10 minutes in line to get into the small theater and then wait 20 minutes (15 minutes more than scheduled because they started late) to see Super Why. Ellie was the most patient I have seen her EVER! She stayed right next to me in line and sat in her chair waiting patiently for Super Why. Then finally the came on stage:

I was very disappointed in the event, it was basically only the characters up on stage waving. No music, no action, just some older lady who talked a few minutes about some event for the summer and then sang a few songs (ABC's and hokey pokey). Terrible. Here is a picture of Ellie doing the hokey pokey in her seat:

This all took about 10 minutes and then it was time for pictures with Super Why. Since we arrived early, we were on the front row. They didn't let the people who got there first to take pictures first, no no they let the people who arrived late. Bummer, and Ainsley was done. Here is Ainsley once she saw those weird looking creatures on stage and some loud lady singing songs:

I put her in the car seat because I thought maybe they scared her or it would drown out that lady's voice. No so much. We left, no more waiting. So no picture with Super Why. I'm not sure if Ellie would have gone near him anyways, so not too much of a loss. Although I thought it was terrible, Ellie loved it. She continues to ask me to go to the library to see Super Why and after I tell her he's not there she asks, "where is he?". Glad she loved it, that was the point!

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