Thursday, June 24, 2010

6 months

Ainsley turned 6 months last Wednesday, I love, love, love this age! She went to the doctor on Monday and weighed in at 18 lbs 5 oz (85%), measured 26 in long (55%), measured 14.6cm around her head (90%). She still is our little chunky baby which I adore! I just love all the rolls and never having to worry about how much she eats! She is just so precious :)

What Ainsley is up to:
-says mama and dada, along with a lot of other babbles. She has just started blabbing this past week and it is so cute. She loves experimenting with her new words and I love listening to it. When she gets upset she always starts yelling mamama.
-sticks out her tongue and blows, blows bubbles
-still a mommy's girl, but enjoys other people as well. If she is hungry or tired, she must have mommy. If she wakes up in the night, who must she have... mommy. If she has trouble going to sleep, who must rock her? mommy. I don't mind, I actually feel really special :)
-rolls from belly to back, still not making it from her back to belly although she tries occasionally.
-reaches for objects, she is a grabber. She tries to grab anything in sight. If you are holding her she will grab your fork, your drink, your plate, your food, your hair, your sunglasses, your face... anything.
-moves objects from one hand to the other
-can pinch small objects (pincher grasp)
-eats anything you put in her mouth.
-sleeps 11-12 hours at night
-has found her toes, she doesn't like to chew on them very much only hold them.
-her favorite things are Ellie and our dog, Kayla. No matter how mad she is, those two will make her smile instantly.
-chews on everything, still no teeth.
-size 3 diapers, wearing 6 months clothes.
-usually has congestion when she wakes up in the morning or from naps. We prop her bed up, but still doesn't help much. Maybe from teething or allergies?
-loves the tv and just stares. It rarely is on, maybe a few time during the week. But if she is can see it, she is enthralled. Not so much with Ellie (Ellie won't sit still, but even as a baby she wasn't interested in the tv).
-still loves her exersaucer. She lights up when she sees it.
-very easy going. She doesn't have much care about anything unless she is hungry or tired. She loves to be held, doesn't mind people touching, talking, blowing, or kissing her. Most of the time she can be tired but won't make much of a fuss and just falls asleep, other times she must be in the car or in her crib.
-thumb sucker to the extreme. Hates the paci, but did take it the other day at church for about 30 seconds. She sucks her thumb a lot during the day, while she is eating, and definitely to go to sleep.
-loves being outdoors. She always likes to swing at the park.
-loves the water. Bath, pool, ocean... loves it.
-very expressive. You can definitely tell what mood she is in by her face. Serious, happy, sad, frustrated... it shows just in her face!
-nurses 5-6 times a day about every 3 hours, no set schedule. She will still take a bottle, just a particular one about 1-2 times a week.
-naps are very inconsistent except for the afternoon nap with Ellie. She almost always will nap 2 hours then. She wakes up around 6:30 or 7:30am and takes a nap after that before Ellie and I head out for the morning. Usually we have to cut it short and wake her up, poor thing. She doesn't seem to mind too much.

I think that's about all. I love this little one so, so dearly. I can't help but shower her with kisses everyday. I'm definitely soaking each moment with her all up because let me tell you, this 2 year old stage is dreadful! Maybe she'll skip it? Only in my dreams...

Enjoy some more pictures:

Don't you just love these cheeks?
Look at the chub, love it!
Sad eyes:
So happy when I wake up:

Love you Annie Boo Boo!


The Bryant's said...

Just wait til 3!!!!!!!! 2 is a breeze!!!!!! Ainsley is too cute as Ellie is too!!!!

Love Ya'll,
The Bryant's

Bobby and Brooke said...

She is so cute(and all of her rolls)!

Recursively said...

I think Ainsley is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!! What a doll!!!

kids craft kits said...

She is such a cutie! And I love the name Ainsley :)