Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Potty Training Regress

Our cute little Ellie WAS doing wonderfully at potty training, everything but the poo-poo. Now she has taken a step back, which is somewhat too much for us to handle. She would do great for about 4 days, then do terrible for the next 3, then do great again. When she's not doing well, she has an accident almost every time she needs to potty. It's getting too much for me to handle and I don't want to get frustrated with her anymore than I already have to.

We decided to just stick her back into diapers Sunday afternoon after her fourth accident. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do, but she hasn't complained yet about how we won't let her go potty. I thought she was ready with how well she did, but maybe not? She was doing great and was basically accident free (excluding poo-poo and at night), but something changed. She's so young that I don't care if she still is in diapers, I wasn't ready anyways because it sure is A LOT of work! We'll see how it goes...

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The Bryant's said...

Don't worry when Juliann was 13 months old she started going to potty and done both. I was excited. Her pediatrician told us we were trained which of course I didn't believe her but maybe after 4 months she started having accidents. Then I never tried anymore. Grace was born and when she was 2 weeks old so Juliann was 2 1/2 she told me one day she was going to wear panties. I thought God I can't do this right now, but she insisted on wearing them she done fine all day and then at bedtime she insisted wearing them to sleep and again I thought God what a mess I will have in the morning but she was fine and has been going ever since. Grace was about 2 1/2 but she refused to poop in the potty so all day she would hold it then at bedtime we would put a pull up on and she would go hide behind the recliner and come and say I went poo. Finally when she was almost 3 she started going poo in the potty. Don't feel down about it, I think it happens to every child. Boys are harder to potty train (ZACH), so at least for right now you only have to worry about the girls. Happy Anniversary!

The Bryant's

p.s. Maybe if we vacation the beach together next year my arm will not be injured and we can do more together. I did go to the doctor and I have tendonitis or a pinched nerve. She is trying meds for 2 weeks then if it's still the same I have to go for test to verify it is a pinched nerve. Then I don't know what she will do, I am doing some PT at home!