Friday, June 11, 2010

Annie Boo Boo

Ellie calls Ainsley, Annie Boo Boo. I sing a song with her name, Ainsley Ruth, and I think that where she get it. It started out as Annie RuRu, and now it's Annie Boo Boo. She might also get it from me since I call her that too sometimes. I make up a lot of names for the girls, and they never really are consistent. It's just whatever comes out of my mouth.

She's been sitting up for a few weeks now completely by herself until she reaches for something and falls over. She usually catches herself when she leans to the side and sometimes when she leans forward. I think most of the time she falls over because Ellie comes up and pushes her over, which is not happening anymore... we fixed that! She absolutely loves being able to sit up now by herself, she likes the new perspective on things.

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