Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Sisters

It is just too much fun to see how much Ellie loves Ainsley and being with her. Ellie got this chair for Christmas (thanks Nana) and always wants Ainsley to sit with her. One day I let them sit together, didn't last very long, Ellie doesn't sit still but for 2 seconds:
I leave Ainsley propped up on her bobby a lot after I feed her and I have to get up to do something. Ellie on multiple occasions has gotten up and laid beside Ainsley. I used to get very worried about Ellie getting on the couch with Ainsley, but she has been so good with Ainsley, I now let her do it (under much supervision). Here are some shots:

And then the other day while I was getting ready and Zach was watching the girls on our bed, Ellie climbed up in the bed next to Ainsley. It was just too cute:

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