Monday, February 8, 2010

Tummy Time

It is just so cute to watch the two girls together. Ellie is a really good sister and loves to love on her. She only gets jealous of daddy holding Ainsley, and maybe a few of our friends. It really just melts my heart seeing them "play" together and Ellie loving on Ainsley. Every time Ainsley does tummy time, Ellie has to join in. Here's a little video of them:

I love how Ellie has to see Ainsley's face, too cute. I try to remember to put Ainsley on tummy time everyday, but I'm terrible at it. I think it happens about every other day. She usually is pretty good about it unlike Ellie who would scream every minute of it. We'll see if she crawls before Ellie did...

1 comment:

The Bryant's said...

Tell Ellie Juliann and I like her toenails!!!!!!We also love Ainsley's grunting!!!!!!

Love You,
The Bryant's