Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grunting Baby Syndrome

Ainsley is a grunter. I think it started around 1 week and has slowly gotten better. It's mostly when she is pooping and sleeping. I get worried sometimes because I feel like grunting can't be a good thing, so I googled it. I found that she has Grunting Baby Syndrome. I tried to get a video of her grunting at her best, but she never will do it on video (I got a little grunt):

Here is a youtube video of a baby that sounds exactly like her:


Katie said...

Emory did this at night for about 6 weeks and it drove us crazy! It actually kept us up quite a bit at night. hope you're sleeping okay! :)

The Bryant's said...

Ok I have never heard of grunting baby syndrome. I do know that Grace was a grunter the only problem she had was when she tried to start talking instead of saying what she wanted she would walk around grunt and point to whatever it was that she wanted and Juliann would give it to her. It was like the two of them had their own language. Anyway we talked to their pediatrician about this and she said it was just where she was the second baby and everything was done for her all she had to do was grunt and one of us was at her beckoning call. So I wouldn't worry about it except for when she gets around 11 months and she starts doing it make sure you try to make Ellie understand she has to try to say cup if that is what she wants if not you will have big problems. Juliann was older when we had Grace so maybe you will not have that problem but Norman and I sure stayed busy to make sure Juliann wasn't climbing counter's to get something out of a cabinet or running bath water for Grace! We actually changed our cabinets and put all snacks at Juliann and Grace's reach. We had the locks but they figured out how to open the cabinets. It finally ended we had to be sort of hard core with both of them. Grace is fine now as you know. I don't know what it is about that second baby they seem to do everything a little slower and with sister's help they don't have to talk either just point and grunt and you have what you want!!! I'm not sure if it's the same thing as Ainsley. I know Grace would grunt when she pooped, hungry, and was sleepy! Good Luck!!!! Hope to see you guys soon!!! :)

The Bryant's