Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Training Her Right

We are trying to read the Bible with Ellie and not just her Storybook Bible. We give her a Bible and let her "read" it with us. She surprised us by actually flipping through Bible the whole time and not ripping it up! One day as we were getting ready for church, Zach was reading the Bible on the bed. She joined in and I ran to get the camera to video:

She also likes to just carry her Bible around, which is just too cute. She seems to have learned that this book is extra special, it also seems to be her favorite book (we hope it'll stay that way, that would be awesome). Although she is doing this things, we still know and can daily see her sinful heart. We're on our knees praying that one day she'll have a personal relationship with God and find true joy.

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The Bryant's said...

I don't think Ellie has a sinful heart. According to the bible she is not responsible for her sins until the age of 12; you and Zach are held responsible. Kids make mistakes but those are life lessons and we all hope they learn from them. I am sure Ellie will. We hope you guys get better soon and Zach is back at home with you!!!!

Love You,
The Bryant's