Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sleepy Ellie

Last week when we were staying with my parents, Ellie did something very unusual. She had trouble taking naps while we were there, so every time she woke up from her nap she was still very sleepy. Well one time she woke up and was extremely sleepy. I was trying to take a nap too, so I tried to get her to lay on the bed with me. She refused and just sat on the footsteps to my bed, sucking her thumb and holding teddy. Soon after she just laid on the floor. I was half way asleep and also waiting the arrival of Zach who was soon to be home. He called, so I looked to see what Ellie was doing and this is what I found:
She was knocked out! Zach even came home to find her still like this. It was really cute, because he came in and just looked at her. She woke up as he was standing over her and was very confused. She had this expression on her face like "is this a dream?". I can't believe Ellie fell asleep on the floor! This is definitely not like her, she is such a non-stop girl who just keeps going and going until you put her to sleep.

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