Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a Wonderful Daddy...

The night after I wrote the last post, I didn't get any sleep! Of course after I write about how great I've been feeling even when I'm a little sick, I start feeling awful. I have gotten a lot of congestion that seems to be settling in my lungs, which prevented me from sleeping Thursday night because I had a hard time breathing. Luckily I have a wonderful husband, who also is a great father, who took Friday off and spent time with Ellie.

Here is what their day looked like:
Spent over 2 hours at Marbles museum. (They painted their own faces). Then they went to Starbucks, of course... a date with daddy is not complete without some starbucks. And yes, Daddy lets Ellie have some of his coffee/frap.

I would have to say she was wiped out, and I was able to rest the WHOLE day! This was such a nice thing and something much needed for me. Not only did I have a sleepless night, but I've been feeling some much needed "me" time. I was able to rest, read, watch a tv show, and have some much needed non-distracted or rushed time with the Lord.

Not only did Ellie have a great time with Daddy on Friday... Saturday I woke up feeling just terrible because of the sleepless night on Thursday, and Daddy was so kind again to take Ellie out and let me rest AGAIN! It wasn't a whole day, but still extremely thoughtful and needed! I hate missing out on family time, but I know I should rest, so I make him take videos of moments. Saturday they just went to Target, I thought this was worth posting:

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The Bryant's said...

I hope you are feeling better. Norman is like that when I don't feel good he steps right up, and even when I'm not sick he does. Whatever or where ever the girls need to go,or do he's there. We are VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HUSBANDS AND FATHERS LIKE THAT!!!! They are far and few between. Norman has never missed a sick visit to the doctor,or a well check up. I think he will be missing Juliann's this year he will be there but she's 13 so it will be different than all the rest.He won't be coming in the exam room. He doesn't even like the sound of teenager(I don't either). They grow up way too fast. enjoy them while they are little it doesn't last long.

Love You,
The Bryant's