Monday, November 23, 2009

Growing Up

It's amazing how fast little ones grow. Ellie has changed so much from just 4 months ago. She is saying so many new words, phrases, and even some sentences! The other day we were in Lowes and a lady was talking to her. Instead of saying bye, the lady said "see you later alligator". I was completely shocked when Ellie repeated her very clearly for an 18-month old! I tried to get her to repeat it, but it didn't happen.

Ellie also has been learning to be quite the listener! Of course this comes with a lot of consistent discipline on the parents' end. Being consistent is definitely a very hard thing, especially when you expect and demand they listen the first time! We still have a ways to go... but we've come a long way. One thing I've been very impressed with is her ability to understand "if you do this, then this happens or you get this". One of the areas this comes in handy is when eating. She tends to demand the food she wants to eat and refuses to eat what we give her. Usually she has at least one item she likes (bread, fruit, cracker, or goldfish), most of the time the other items (chicken, beef, broccoli, rice) she likes but not very much. What happens is she demands more of what she wants and refuses to eat the other items. This was not acceptable for us, so we started the "if you eat this, then you can have more of that". We had some tantrums at first (some really bad ones when we were out, especially if anybody had fries), but after two weeks she listens extremely well! She will finish eating what we tell her to, and then she gets what she wants (sometimes she doesn't even want it anymore and is satisfied with what she has). AMAZING! It's so nice to see hard work paid off!

So last thing I'll share since this post is getting long, is how she LOVES to help mommy! She always wants to help clean and carry things. One thing she usually is very good at is putting up toys, however she doesn't like it when I make her do it by herself. I was very impressed the other day to find her cleaning up her toys without me even asking, it made me so proud! I had to take a picture:

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