Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun on Halloween!

We had a blast on Halloween this year, definitely more fun when you have kids. The day started off a little rough since it was raining, but Ellie sure did like her Halloween card from Aunt Patsy and Uncle Larry.

As soon as it cleared up we went to HollyFest, a carnival Holly Springs has each year. We ate, watched some pigs race, walked around and looked at the vendors, sang with the bands playing, petted animals, and went down a huge blow up slide! It was so much fun and all FREE, except the food.It definitely turned out to be a hot day, so Ellie's costume didn't last long at HollyFest. This is why she is in black leggings and her white big sis shirt (they were underneath the costume). After we were tuckered out from all the fun at HollyFest, we came back and took a nap. We wanted to participate in the parade in our neighborhood, but we slept right through it!

Ellie's best friend, Addison, of course had to come and trick or treat with us! Before we went trick or treating, we had to eat! I was planning on cooking, but since we slept so long, I knew there wasn't enough time. As a group we decided to dress up in tin foil (as burritos) and head to Chipolte for a free burrito! Here is our friends, Katie and Uriah dressed up. Great burritos, huh? Didn't need much to get the free burrito, but we tried.

And here's what you've been waiting for, the girls dressed up:

So now on to the trick or treating. First we did a trial run:

After they somewhat understood what was going to happen, we headed out. We thought the girls would last about 4 houses or so, but they LOVED it! We went down our whole street! Ellie loved going up to everyone's house. She didn't quite get how she was only supposed to take the candy and not give it away. Here she is giving her m&m's to our neighbor, who was trying to let her take some pretzels! We kept reminding her that tonight is all about her taking whatever candy they gave her.

So Ellie would run up to the house and knock on the door (since she couldn't ring the doorbell). Addison was a little shy about walking up to the house, but whenever the person would pop out with candy, she couldn't wait to grab some. Addison would say hey, grab some candy, and then say bye. She was very friendly and always smiling when the person came. However Ellie was much more hesitant when the person opened the door, she just gave a blank stare until we prompted her with what to do. They were quite the pair!

There were a ton of kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, but we didn't get to hand out a single piece of candy! Since we slept so long, ate out, and all went with the girls... we just weren't home. We sure do have a lot of kit-kats to share! So to end this long post, here is a clip of Ellie who actually could say "trick or treat", even though she maybe only did once. We had to get her on video saying it because it was just so darn cute. We took this video Sunday morning. (Yes, she is in her costume because she insisted on wearing it again.)

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