Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Zach!

Zach turned 24 today! We had a great weekend, exactly the way he wanted to spend it (well most of it). Zach doesn't like to make a big deal of his birthday and likes to keep it real low key, so we did things that he loves to do. Went to his favorite places: Biscuitville, Starbucks, Barnes&Noble. It was great.

I am so lucky to be married to this man! Even though he might not like to celebrate his birthday, I LOVE to because I am so glad he is alive! He's been a source of strength, comfort, protection, love, and sometimes irritation (hah... of course, he's my husband and he's Zach). I look forward to growing old together and sharing many special memories. I pray that God will continue to bless this godly man with health and stamina and the grace to continue to guide our family for many years to come.

I love you, babe. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being mine. And thanks for being such a wonderful dad.

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