Friday, July 17, 2009

15 months

Ellie turned 15 months old on Zach's birthday, so I need to give you an update of all she can do! I'll give you her statistics first: 25% in weight, 30% in height, and 75% in head circumference. Ellie has been very consistent, somewhat light and short but has a BIG head! haha, we think she still looks proportional though :)

All about our sweet Ellie:
-LOVES the pool and being outside. She is constantly going to the door and begging to go outside.
-loves running around. The running plus outdoors results in a constant skinned knee, but our little girl never cries about it! She just gets back up and runs and does it again!
-eating more variety than at 12 months. She likes most vegetables now AND even mac and cheese, finally! She still is very picky about new things.
-eating with a spoon, although half of it ends up on her face.
-still ADORES her stuffed monkey Jack. We are going to introduce her to a baby doll of her own very soon, I think she'll love it because she has been interested in playing with dolls at other places.
-stacks blocks and legos. She's getting very good at putting together the few "lego" blocks we have. (They are actually little people blocks, i.e. a bigger version of legos)
-still usually takes 2 naps a day, but I think we are starting our way to one nap because more and more recently she doesn't want to sleep twice a day.
-still sleeps from 8a-8p, sometimes we might keep her up late though :)
**however whenever she stays at Nana's house (my mom), Ellie will sleep until 10a! I guess we must wear her out there.
-loves to color with anything and on anything, but usually ends up being more interested in the pencil/pen/markers and starts to eat them.
-is a great listener, most of the time. We will ask her to put it back (this is what she does best), don't touch, hold our hand, and come (this is the hardest).
-loves the sand, her favorite thing at the playground (if it has one). She also likes the slide and HATES to swing. (I keep trying everytime we go because I don't understand how you cannot like swinging... it's my favorite!)
-saying more and more words everyday. Words she can say now: woof woof, go, no, moo, car, home, pool, dada, mama, uh oh, more, ball, up, corn, and today she's trying to get 'baby' down (this is kind of a difficult word though).
-signing more, all done, please, bath, milk, and thank you (well, thank you is usually her blowing you a kiss since they look very similar)
-points to many objects, but when you ask her to point to her ear, nose, mouth, eye, and head, she usually gets it right!
-loves phones! She actually has started to put it up to her ear now too!
-loves to dance. I'm sure you could tell in the video, but if you ever have been around when music comes on or you start to sing, she immediately starts to dance.
-obsessed with dogs. Everytime she sees one she can't take her eyes off of it, and don't even try to talk to her about anything else.
-loves to pick flowers, thanks to my mom. Luckily we have a lot of blooms on our flowers, but each day she probably picks at least 20 and picks them apart.
-prefers mommy to hold her and rock her before going to bed, but is fine if I'm not there.
-one of the cutest things she does is she'll get in her little red chair and take a book or magazine and "read" it. It is sooo cute!
-like to look at books, but you can only read about 2 pages before she's off your lap and doing something else. One day...

So the list was in random order, just listed as I thought of things. Ellie is such a happy little girl and such a joy to have in our life. Things sometimes feel very difficult, especially because we have a child, but I stop and think of what a HUGE blessing she is. There are so many things we learn because of her and from her. Sometimes she does frustrate us because of her toddler ways but I sure am going to miss this age.

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