Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Go Muddies!

Zach, Ellie, and I went to a Mudcats baseball game this past Sunday. Now the title says Go Muddies, but actually Zach was pulling for the opponent, the Tennessee Smokies, who were a Cubs minor league affiliate.

This was the first baseball game Ellie had been to this year (of course Zach and I saw the Cubbies in Chicago). We weren't quite sure if Ellie would sit still and have a good time, or need to be up and walking around, but she ended up doing great! We went with our friends and their kids and had a blast. Ellie would clap and dance and yell. She sat for a while and watched the game, but mostly liked to be up and playing with the other girls. After the game Ellie got to experience her first fireworks show (we missed them on the forth because we were traveling). She was scared at first, but I think she was pretty fasicnated by the colorful lights (just not the loud noise).

We forgot our nice camera, but got a video. Enjoy :)

Here are a few I stole from one of our friends:
Ellie and Fiana watching the game

Fiana, Ellie, and Grace
Ellie, Hannah, and Fiana dancing

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