Friday, January 20, 2012

Waiting 8 Months

Some of you might be wondering what is going on with our adoption, shouldn't we have a baby by now? Well there was a long wait for our UCIS approval, which slowed us down, and then there was a lot of changes going on within Ethiopia concerning adoption, which has slowed everybody down.

We have been on the waitlist for over 8 months now (16 months since we began the process),and we are expecting to wait at least 10 more months before we receive a referral (a picture and information on our recommended child). After we receive our referral, we will travel for our court date and then travel again later to bring our child home. What that means is that it will take us about 14 more months before we bring him home. So hopefully March 2013, we will have our family of 5 together!

It is difficult to wait for a child, especially when you think about all the children waiting in the orphanages all over the world. You develop a bond for the child who is not yet in your arms, a child you have yet to see, but pray for everyday. I would definitely compare it to pregnancy, just a really, REALLY long pregnancy. Your heart aches, you want to hold your child, you want to care for your child, you want to love your child. I can't deny that I already have so much love for him. It might be hard for a lot of you to understand how I can love someone I haven't even met, seen a picture of, or felt. I'm not going to lie, it seems strange, but it's real.

Ellie and Ainsley are great distractions. They keep me busy, my love for them is tremendous and distracting too, and they wear me out. It also helps that I still have so much more to read and prepare for, adoption is a whole other world of parenting. I'm waiting patiently, but my heart still aches in the process...

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Mandi said...

I bet all the waiting is frustrating! Especially since you know your child is just waiting to join his forever family and it is rules that are keeping you apart. Praying that God gives you grace and blesses you during your months of waiting.