Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Learning to Drive at 3 years

The girls got a little jeep for Christmas from their Gigi, Aunt Andi, and Uncle Allen. They are having so much fun in it. Ellie loves driving it, Ainsley loves riding in it.

Ellie is quite a driver, although she had (and still has) a tough time receiving instruction. Once she finally realized that we are actually trying to help her, she started doing learning more and more. Now she knows how to do a 3 point turn!

We love cruising down the street. We let Ainsley try out the driver's seat, but it never lasts long. Either Ainsley gives up quickly, I get frustrated, or Ellie gets frustrated, usually the latter. Ainsley is such a good sport and just enjoys riding.

They are so stinking cute in their car!

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