Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

I'm not a big Valentine's Day person, I think it's a little silly because you should be doing nice things for the ones you love throughout the year. I think they make way too big of deal about it, although I do love hearts and the color red. It is another excuse to do something special, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I haven't been feeling very well the past week, so Zach decided to make dinner for me for Valentine's Day. I thought it was delicious and perfect. Zach on the other hand, not so much, especially the next morning. He had not cooked his chicken enough, and well the next morning he had a tad bit of a stomach ache. Luckily it lasted until mid-morning and he recovered quickly afterwards. He did make a delicious pie that lasted for days, what a Valentine's day treat!

A Valentine's Day we'll remember. I'm so glad I have such an amazing, handsome Valentine :)


The Bryant's said...

A little advice for both of you. I learned in my foods & nutrition class in 12th grade to boil every meat except hamburger before you cook it. It makes it more tender and you know it is cooked done!!

The Bryant's

The Baumeister's said...

Was it Rhubarb?????